Watson Clark cuts through the noise to bring your message directly to healthcare practitioners.

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Benefits collaborating with Watson Clark


Unlock access to HCPs

We step in with specialized HCP targeting tools, carefully tailored to fit into your omnichannel campaign, reach your audience when it's the most receptive, and drive conversions.


Enhance brand awareness

Reach doctors, nurses, and researchers with targeted native ad campaigns, created to maximize your results and help your brand reach its full potential.


Increase sales revenue

We help pharma companies and ad agencies improve their sales force size and revenue by boosting HCP engagement and accurately track the effectiveness.

Healthcare advertising redefined

Watson Clark is a healthcare marketing agency pioneering a new kind of healthcare and pharma marketing — one that mixes time-tested methods with leading-edge technology.

On the strength of a robust network for gathering HCP data, we help healthcare and pharma organizations target customers and attract patients using new and refined digital marketing strategies.

We use our intelligence network to identify the channels each customer is most open to when developing your omnichannel strategy.

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Our approach to healthcare advertising

Watson Clark specializes in native advertising. Our marketing tools help pharma brands and ad agencies to connect with high-value HCPs.

Unlike traditional ad formats, native advertising doesn't intrude on the customer's attention.

When a customer reaches an ad that fits the environment they've chosen to explore, they're primed to give it a better reception. That's why native ads result in almost 60% more clicks than traditional ads.

Native healthcare marketing means none of your investment goes to waste. It means you've got a consistent, visible brand that creates more engagement, more conversions, and better returns.

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