Account exec-mobile

About the role

We're looking for an Account Executive with a few all-important character traits:
  • Candor: You value honesty and problem-solving over the appearance of politeness. You're not afraid of confrontation, but understand the value of each interaction. People respect you because you use candor as a tool to build them up, not a weapon to build them down.
  • Conscientiousness: You genuinely like other people. In particular, you understand that the people who work with you are more than disposable assets. You aspire to be an unblocker, working to help others succeed and trusting them to return the favor.
  • First-principles thinking: You're allergic to dogma, habitually question institutional knowledge, and never fall back on "common sense" to explain anything. You make your decisions based on credible evidence. You don't start working on any project unless you can explain why you're doing it.
Reporting to the Sales lead, this role will cover the entire sales pipeline, so you’ll need to be comfortable with a wide range of tasks: working closely with the team to reach warm leads, spearheading sales duties, constantly updating our processes based on hard data, and more.

Our perfect candidate for Account Executive has a bit of scar tissue and is not afraid to be bold, honest, and completely focused on client satisfaction.

Your experience includes sales conversions, personal achievements, stellar organization, commitment to the team, and rapport with clientele.

Along with strong interpersonal communication, you deliver top-notch presentations, no matter the audience.

You constantly demonstrate a passion for connecting with people and advocacy for our services that comes through in every word.

You have a knack for swiftly boiling complex issues into direct action plans.

You'll be an integral part of strategy and development as we accelerate our efforts to be at the forefront of the pharma marketing community.

Join us and make a difference.


  • Manage the entire sales cycle for optimum conversions
  • Outreach cold leads through call, email and media platforms
  • Identify and capitalize on expansion opportunities
  • Analyze client needs and develop innovative responses
  • Educate customers about our business solutions
  • Maintain high-quality metadata in a CRM
  • Negotiate business agreements and terms with customers
  • Identify current deficiencies, unearth new sales opportunities through networking, and turn them into long-term partnerships
  • Manage sales strategies to meet monthly, quarterly, and annual targets

The ideal candidate has

  • Proven experience as an Account Executive or a similar sales, marketing, or advertising role
  • Experienced strategy with B2B and SaaS technology sales
  • Experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a major advantage
  • Knowledge of current market research, sales, networking, and negotiation principles
  • Critical thinking and project management skills
  • Ability to boil down complex issues into direct messages
  • Ability to forge and maintain client relationships
  • Masterful verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Superior time management and organization habits
  • Commitment to efficient multitasking
  • Ability to learn quickly and apply that knowledge