Data researcher job opening - Watson Clark

About the role

We're looking for an Data Researcher with a few all-important character traits:
  • Candor: You value honesty and problem-solving over the appearance of politeness. You're not afraid of confrontation, but understand the value of each interaction. People respect you because you use candor as a tool to build them up, not a weapon to break them down.
  • Conscientiousness: You genuinely like other people. In particular, you understand that the people who work with you are more than disposable assets. You aspire to be an unblocker, working to help others succeed and trusting them to return the favor.
  • First-principles thinking: You're allergic to dogma, habitually question institutional knowledge, and never fall back on "common sense" to explain anything. You make your decisions based on credible evidence. You don't start working on any project unless you can explain why you're doing it.
This role will support the sales team lead to free up more of their time for high-level tasks. As a true researcher, you will be a vital part of researching, documenting, developing spreadsheets and databases to support sales activities, and providing quantitative and qualitative analysis. Advanced research skills and the ability to produce clear, concise writing in a standardized format will drive your success. Your valuable contributions will ensure more people see and benefit from the solutions we offer.

Our perfect candidate for Data Researcher is a true team player. Always on time and ready to pitch in, you'll be prepared to communicate and collaborate with your team to reach daily, weekly, and long-term goals. You're a determined problem solver who is self-motivated and up for any challenge. While previous experience in lead generation is not required, an interest in building your skill set and ability to learn on the job will certainly be an advantage.


  • Conduct research based on the company's sales, marketing and analyst needs
  • Migrate contact information from platforms like ZoomInfo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Provide technical expertise in data storage structures, data mining, and data cleansing
  • Collaborate with business development colleagues
  • Own document formatting, data analysis, data migration, and benchmarking as needed
  • Apply standardized formatting to migrated information
  • Develop clean, concise technical and non-technical reports, including software specifications
  • Identify and capitalize on expansion opportunities
  • Maintain high-quality metadata in a CRM

The ideal candidate has

  • Deep understanding of the popular data analysis tools and databases
  • Experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is a major advantage
  • Proficient in Google suite and Excel
  • Patient, punctual, curious, and a great team player
  • Experienced creating technical documentation, databases and research
  • Able to communicate clearly with individuals at all levels of the organization
  • Knowledge of current market research, sales, networking, and negotiation principles
  • Critical thinking and project management skills
  • Masterful verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Superior time management and organization habits
  • Commitment to efficient multitasking
  • Ability to learn quickly and apply that knowledge