We use intelligent HCP targeting and help your brand reach its full potential, when they are the most receptive, at the right time with the right content.

Digital marketing for HCPs

Healthcare practitioners and pharma industry buyers are highly qualified professionals — experts in their fields, and skeptical by nature.

Targeting them successfully demands a different kind of digital marketing. Watson Clark creates marketing campaigns designed to reach HCPs naturally, pulling them in rather than pushing a product or service in front of them.

But crafting your message is only half the job. To realize the full potential of your marketing strategy, it's vital to choose the right marketing channel.

Watson Clark's team of marketing professionals puts their expertise to work on your behalf, crafting successful HCP targeting strategies, unique marketing planning approaches, and native ad campaigns.

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A predictive ad strategy that guarantees results

Watson Clark’s marketing strategy is simple: we focus on each HCP, telling a coherent story across every platform.

We base targeted ad campaigns on each customer's behavior across multiple platforms. We're constantly gathering data in real time, amplifying what's working and discarding what isn't.

Our marketing campaigns are designed to reach HCPs in contexts where they'll be interested, engaged, and receptive, clarifying how your treatments address their pain points.

Using individual profiles of your ideal audience, our campaigns achieve much higher conversion rates than traditional spray-and-pray approaches. We’ll work with you to determine a plan of attack that best suits your current needs.

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A digital ad strategy developed for one business: yours

To develop our ads, we work closely with you to determine the perfect channels for you and your audience.

We're not trying to force your ad strategy to follow a specific pattern. The best ads, with the highest clickthrough rates, are the ones with the stories only your brand can tell.

That's why we value our client relationships so highly, as we work together to reach potential healthcare partners along dozens of avenues.

Instead of blanketing the airwaves with ads, we carefully tailor our campaigns to pull the heartstrings of each potential customer, in the context where they'll be most receptive.

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Advertising doesn’t stop with ads. Neither do we

As pharmaceutical marketing moves online, data is more important than ever. We've built our agency around the world's most robust data network of healthcare professionals.

We profile HCPs to understand what they actually want to see, then surface the content most relevant to their careers. Our goal is to get an “I need this!” from every doctor, nurse, and researcher who sees your ads.

We understand the value of each touchpoint in your omnichannel campaign and by mastering advanced analytics we bring your story in front of qualified HCP leads.

We use predictive data analytics to reach healthcare practitioners right when they’re most receptive to your message.

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Watson Clark

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At Watson Clark, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that every medical breakthrough reaches its ideal audience.

Our wealth of HCP data is just a starting point. What really sets Watson Clark apart is how we use it.  

We know what it takes to market to healthcare practitioners. They know what’s important to them...and so do we, thanks to our ability to profile high-value HCPs.

When you partner with Watson Clark, we’ll work together to improve your omnichannel campaign and bring your content in front of your right audience at the right time.

Our goal is to go beyond traditional advertising by helping pharma companies and ad agencies adapt their advertising efforts in this rapidly changing environment and with no disruption to their omnichannel campaign.
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Unlock access to HCPs

Your most authentic messaging, at the most effective cost, with higher engagement than any traditional channel.



Cut through irrelevant traffic to reach verified HCPs. Our robust analytics provide accountability for your entire marketing investment.



We work closely with clients to deliver emotional, radically authentic narratives, impacting your audience in all the right ways.

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