Join Watson Clark as our Sales Lead!

About the role

We're looking for a Sales Lead with a few all-important character traits:
  • Candor: You value honesty and problem-solving over the appearance of politeness. You're not afraid of confrontation, but understand the value of each interaction. People respect you because you use candor as a tool to build them up, not a weapon to break them down.
  • Conscientiousness: You genuinely like other people. In particular, you understand that the people who work with you are more than disposable assets. You aspire to be an unblocker, working to help others succeed and trusting them to return the favor.
  • First-principles thinking: You're allergic to dogma, habitually question institutional knowledge, and never fall back on "common sense" to explain anything. You make your decisions based on credible evidence. You don't start working on any project unless you can explain why you're doing it.
  • Consistency: You put forth a meticulous effort to process adjustments in a preventative manner. Each member of the Sales team will be focused on nurturing new, and existing relationships; you must remain insightful, and observant during these measured efforts.
The Sales Manager is responsible for managing the Watson Clark brand, building sales strategies for all distribution channels, and deploying sales teams. You'll be responsible for building a team that can regularly exceed sales growth targets while also acing customer satisfaction metrics.

The ideal applicant brings hard-won experience to the table, and can point to successful projects and high-performance teams they’ve led in the past. We'd like to see examples of outstanding client relationships you've built and maintained across your career. In general, Watson Clark values candidates who are adaptable and eager to learn, with a strong work ethic, proactive communication skills, and a knack for data-driven decision-making.


  • Establish and maintain strong client relationships
  • Assess client needs through active listening and questioning
  • Recruit sales staff and develop training programs
  • Manage client accounts
  • Identify and prospect for large opportunities at multiple levels
  • Manage the sales pipeline, monthly sales forecast, and activity tracking
  • Develop and sell high-return digital campaigns

The ideal candidate has

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in digital advertising and sales at the agency level
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with sales technology and CRM software
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a sales leadership position
  • Experience in the pharma advertising space, with an understanding of the digital advertising landscape in general
  • Experience in customer satisfaction management
  • Strong consultative sales skills
  • Strong analytical and quantitative capabilities
  • Experience building teams from the ground up
  • Proven experience growing revenue from 0 to 10M USD
  • B2B enterprise sales experience